This surprise romantic overlook engagement session, captured by Captured Moments Photography, is filled with so much sweet romance! Jordann and Matt have taken 2020 wedding planning in stride and these photos are all the “proof” you need this couple is meant to be. Their story begins with a serendipitous “Meet Cute” as Kelly Kapoor would say. In Jordann’s words: “Matt had just moved to Kansas, where I was working. We met in the elevator of the apartment building, where we both lived just a floor apart. Manhattan is a small town but after seeing how cute Matt was I knew I needed to see him again. I offered to show him around, which is probably the only time Manhattan, Kansas ever needed a tour guide. From that night, we were inseparable!” 

Change of–Pandemic

We all know plans change, but who could’ve predicted this pandemic?!
“I know now that Matt’s original plan was to propose at my graduation weekend. This year, I received my Master’s degree and Matt and I were going to attend my graduation in Texas with my family and his, where he was going to propose. Then COVID hit, but like the incredible man he is, he was able to change things and make the proposal even more perfect,” Jordann says of Madison “rolling with the punches” on his proposal plans. 

“A few weeks before my scheduled graduation, Matt’s parents texted saying they hired a photographer to take graduation photos to celebrate. On the morning of the photos, we went to my favorite scenic spot in Manhattan to shoot graduation photos. After they were completed, the photographer asked to take some of Matt and I. He got down on one knee and popped the question! Which transitioned my graduation shoot into our engagement shoot–and the rest is history! I don’t think either of us have stopped smiling since that day!”

I personally can attest to the resilience of this union and all the curveballs thrown their way, the smiles have never left. 

The pair plan to be wed on Valentine’s Day 2021, in a classic, tuxedo wedding featuring gold accents as well as ivory florals and lots of greenery. We are here for it! Jordann and Matt are excited to marry each other but one sweet thing she’s looking forward to is seeing her father in his “father of the bride” role. “We are doing a first look and I am so excited to have this special moment with him. He has been such an important part of my life and I can’t wait to do this big day together,” Jordann says. 

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Helpful Advice

Asking #realbride Jordann about helpful advice regarding wedding planning, espcially during a pandemic, she had this to say, “TRUST YOUR MOM! My mom has been my rock in every aspect of the process and when I am stressed about little things she puts me on the right track and reminds me for the reason for the day: marrying the love of my life. Another tip: Plans Are Fluid. As someone who lives very black and white, planning a wedding during a pandemic taught me that plans are there for structure, but not to be followed completely– and that’s okay!”

Thanks, Jordann for sharing your story and insight with us! Congratulations to Jordann and Madison on their upcoming wedding and starting their life together! 

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  1. Robert C. SCHULTZ says:

    I worked with Jordan at ViaChristi Hosp in Manhattan, Ks while she was in school, as a volunteer. After she graduated, she became my boss. I remember when she told me about Matt, I told her,, when do I meet him and give my stamp of approval. So as I expected, one day while I was volunteering, here he came in. Since I’m retired military, I explained, its takes a special woman to be a military wife. I knew at that time where it was headed.


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